About the Courses

Benefits reported by graduates include:

  • Improved quality of relationships – both professional and personal
  • How to communicate more effectively and to understand how relationships work (and don’t work)
  • Increased self confidence and assertiveness
  • How to reduce stress and anxiety
  • How to better deal with anger
  • Sense of self responsibility and being in charge of their own lives
  • Understanding and acceptance of others
  • Resolving conflicts where everybody wins
  • Greater independence and effective interdependence
  • More responsible children

More about our courses…

Parent Effectiveness Training (PET )
Be Your Best/Personal Empowerment (BYB/PE)
Effectiveness Training for Women (ETW)
Teacher Effectiveness Training (TET)
Peer Mediation (PM)
Conflict Resolution (CR)
Instructor Training Workshops (ITW)

To find out more about Effectiveness Training Courses or to enrol in a course: – Contact a local Instructor.