Stop Bullying in School – Peer Mediation Skills

Resolve bullying in school now!  Teach students how to manage conflict, deal with difficult people and mediate for themselves…

As we are all aware, conflicts and bullying in school has become a major problem. Increasingly, it interferes with the education process because it contributes to tension, hostility and violence between students and between students and teachers/administrators.

The idea of using mediation to resolve conflicts and bullying in school is becoming more widespread. Mediation produces a better outcome than using physical punishment, suspension, expulsion and detention.

In the tradition of our Effectiveness Training courses, this program is experiential and practical, including workbook exercises, short instructor input and demonstrations. In addition, there are also several realistic and challenging mediation role plays which give students the opportunity to practice being mediators during their training experience.

Students will learn:bullying in school

    • that conflict at school is natural, inevitable
    • why conflict escalates
    • what mediation is
    • how to be impartial whilst effectively listening to both parties
    • about anger and the “iceberg theory”
    • how to help people in a conflict express their needs without blaming the other person
    • how to assist both parties to discuss the issues rationally
    • how to guide people through a process of coming to a mutually satisfying solution


Benefits to Participants and Schools

    • less violence in the school grounds
    • conflicts resolved peacefully
    • students don’t dread going to school because of the fear of being bullied
    • students learn about the feelings and needs of others
    • students become more tolerant of people who are different from them
    • improved behaviour in the classroom


Duration: 16 hours (6 x 2 &1/2 half hour sessions ) or whatever configuration suits your needs.  Workshops can be planned around your school’s schedules.

Contact ETIA to discover when these skills can be shared with your students.

Parents are also urged to advise their children’s Principals about these workshops.

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