Conflict and resolution…

[cc_full_width_col background_color=”f1f1f1″ shadow_color=”888888″ radius=”6″]Are you a manager, teacher or mentor that would like to know how to deal with conflict and resolution?  Have the skills to deal with this daily challenge so you experience less stress and fear of it? [/cc_full_width_col]

Conflict and resolution can be managed and achieved with training!  A conflict is the moment of truth in a relationship – a test of its health, a crisis that can strengthen or weaken it, a critical event that may bring lasting resentment, smoldering hostility or psychological scars.

Conflict and resolution can…conflict and resolution

    • Push people away from each other or pull them into a closer and more intimate union
    • Contain the seeds of destruction and the seeds of greater unity
    • Bring about armed warfare or deeper mutual understanding.

Conflict occurs at home, work  and in play. Resolving conflict in a good way involves specific skills if it is to be handled satisfactorily.

We need to:

      • recognise conflict is inevitable
      • want to do something about it
      • have a structure to follow
      • acknowledge our needs and the needs of others
      • have their co-operation to seek a mutually satisfying solution
      • together look for the numerous ways the problem could be resolved
      • decide on a course of action agreeable to both parties

Benefits to you for learning these skills…

      • conflicts are brought out into the open where they can be dealt with
      • improved relationships, warmer feelings, better teamwork!
      • increased respect for self and others
      • conflicts are resolved peacefully and democratically
      • workplaces are more productive and run more efficiently
      • homes are happier, children have the opportunity to grow in confidence and self-esteem

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