Teacher Effectiveness Training

This teacher training course is conducted using experiential learning processes and is specifically 
 designed to extend your teaching abilities and effectiveness in communication.

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There will be opportunity to:teacher training course

    • Analyse typical communication patterns between teachers and students.
    • Understand the effects of a range of communication responses which are not helpful
    • Counsel students with educational or personal problems
    • Increase student contribution in class discussions
    • Assist classes in clarifying the sources of problems that are impeding learning
    • Confront students, without damaging their self-esteem, on issues that concern you
    • Resolve conflicts in ways which aim to meet the needs of everyone concerned, avoiding either permissiveness or coercive power
    • Have students participate in establishing their own classroom rules which they will then be motivated to follow
    • Help students become more self-directed and productive partners
    • Have students accept more responsibility for assessing their own progress by helping them set their own educational objectives
    • Make the total educational experience an exercise in co-operation


How You Benefit

You will benefit from this teacher training course by having:

    • More self-confidence – Greater job satisfaction
    • Lower anxiety – Greater ability to meet own needs
    • More satisfactory relationships with students and others  (including parents!)
Fewer discipline problems – Greater influence
Greater influence with students – Greater influence with school or college staff and administrators
Increased influence with students Increased skill in resolving conflict.

Student Outcomes

Your students will benefit from you attending this teacher training course!  Outcomes include:

  • Increased self-esteem – Greater self-direction
  • Greater self reliance – Less aggressive behaviour
More responsible behaviour – Great acceptance of self and others
  • Greater concern for others – Increased ability to handle anger constructively
  • More self-confidence – More co-operative
  • Lower anxiety – Greater ability to work in group situations
Increased Academic Achievement

Duration 30 hours

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